ALBUQUERQUE, NM - SAMBA's FleetWatch driver record monitoring system offers business owners, fleet managers, and safety officials now have an innovative way to ensure that their commercial fleets are safer and more cost effective - all with a money-back guarantee.

How does it work?  Fleet owners/operators purchase FleetWatch for the list price of $1.79 per driver per month. Then each month SAMBA's Online Driver Record Monitoring Service sends subscribers a concise report that identifies unqualified and potentially dangerous drivers.  These "FleetWatch" reports notify fleet managers about new citations, DUI violations, upcoming expirations, and licenses that are suspended, revoked, or expired.

"SAMBA now offers a money back guarantee because we are certain it will make our customers' fleets safer and save them money," said Greg Miller, SAMBA's CEO. "With continuing tight budgets and expense reductions, businesses are in need of a system that is so cost effective that with consistent use, it will pay for itself several times over,"

So sure of FleetWatch's capabilities, SAMBA now offers a money-back guarantee "if we don't reduce a customer's liability costs. And, with consistent use, FleetWatch will enable businesses to address driver problems before a serious accident occurs - saving money, risk exposure and even lives."

Miller said the average accident costs a business or government agency more than $10,000, "but those costs quickly balloon into the millions for organizations that are found negligent. Annually, there are many multi-million dollar settlements for punitive damages because an employee with an invalid license caused an accident on company time."

FleetWatch is now offered to trucking and tour companies, school bus operators, utility companies, delivery services, and other fleet operators nationwide.


SAMBA works in partnership with State governments to acquire, process, and report critical information to businesses, government agencies, schools, utilities, Workers' Compensation organization, and insurance groups. SAMBA's patented replica data model harnesses complex government database systems to provide reliable data services. SAMBA's patented data technology allows customers to filter out irrelevant data to receive only the actionable information they need to make effective business decisions.