LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL --- Driver's Alert, a major provider of fleet safety and risk-reduction solutions, has unveiled Smart Risk, a new approach to reducing at-fault crashes. 

Smart Risk is a fully integrated, one-source program that combines after-the-incident data from MVRs and driver crash history with before-the-accident early-warning driver observation data to assign a risk level to each driver. 

On average, 95 percent of all drivers practice safe driving. By integrating historical driving and accident data with the real-time driver observation call data, Smart Risk can accurately identify the 5 percent of drivers who are at the highest risk to cause a fleet's next at-fault crash. 

Smart Risk is based on research and analysis of Driver's Alert data over tens of thousands of vehicles, the company said. It creates a program that, when implemented properly, can accurately predict the specific drivers who will likely cause a crash. What's more, Smart Risk provides the best practices and tools required to stop that crash from occurring. 

"Driver's Alert is so confident that Smart Risk will result in a significant reduction in at-fault crashes and their related costs that the company is offering a written guarantee," Driver's Alert said. "Any company implementing Smart Risk will realize a minimum 25 percent reduction in at-fault crashes within 12 months or the entire program is free." 

For more details, visit the company's new Web site at The Web site includes key industry data on the cost of crashes, crash statistics regarding the critical events and associated factors that contribute to serious truck crashes, as well as the direct and indirect costs of crashes. A new demo center enables fleet managers and safety directors to listen to actual motorist calls and take an online sample driver safety training course. Other interactive sections of the site will be added in the future. 

"We have learned from over 20 years in this business, and from close interaction with our largest and most successful clients, what it takes to truly guarantee a significant reduction in at-fault crashes and related costs," said Martin Marion, vice president of strategic planning. "We are very proud to introduce our new Smart Risk program, which guarantees a 25 percent or more reduction in at-fault crashes, and our new Web site. The integration of both historical driver records with real-time driver observation data through our state-of-the-art call center and call validation practices is the key."