PRINCETON, NJ --- The first week of October is when the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) annually promotes "Drive Safely Work Week" (DSWW), but the helpful tips the campaign provides are good all year long.  

This year's DSWW campaign takes place Oct. 5-9 and focuses on the theme, "Drive Focused, Drive Smart, Get Home Safely."  

Since 2007, NAFA Fleet Management Association and NETS have partnered and promoted this campaign to offer guidance to employers in the development of workplace traffic safety programs. 

Whether employees are driving as a function of their job or just commuting to and from work, the time they spend behind the wheel can be the most dangerous part of the day.  This year's DSWW campaign educates employees on the dangers of distracted driving, the leading cause of traffic crashes. DSWW also focuses on eco-friendly driving -- driving smart -- to conserve fuel and reduce the impact driving habits can have on the environment. 

"The 2009 DSWW campaign tools work well with the way today's businesses get information to their employees," said Gerry W. Eaker, fleet safety manager for corporate health and safety at UPS. "The electronic and interactive tools provide for a quick and easy delivery method of safe driving messages that will really resonate with our employees." 

The DSWW tool kit includes: 

  • Activities for each day, including interactive, electronic-based tools
  • Daily communications messages
  • Downloadable graphics
  • Communication tools, including press releases and campaign launch letter
  • Materials suitable for local and global employees. 

"Our Michigan businesses appreciate that the DSWW materials are easy to use and include meaningful messages and activities that really hit home with employees without taking a lot of time out of their work day from the participation or planning standpoint," said Dan Vartanian, corporate program coordinator for Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning. 

Although the national observance of the campaign takes place each year during the first week of October, the materials are not dated and can be used throughout the year for continued promotion of safe driving practices. The DSWW campaign has been sponsored by NETS since 1996. 

Pricing for the Drive Safely Work Week package is $49.99 for businesses less than 1,000 employees; $99.95 for businesses between 1,000 and 4,999 employees; and $199.95 for businesses over 5,000 employees.  

NAFA members receive a 20-percent discount on the published rates when using the code "NETS" at checkout. To order Drive Safely Work Week for your employees, visit

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