SAN DIEGO, CA --- Mitchell International, a leading consultant to the insurance and collision repair industries, announced a partnership with Thatcham (The Motor Insurance Repair Research Center), a collision repair research group for European and Asian nameplates. 

Today's modern vehicles are increasingly unique in their design, and cars have become more difficult to return to pre-accident condition, posing unique repair challenges. Thatcham's online solution, ThatchamNet, works in concert and complements Mitchell Information Center's OEM repair data, to provide technicians with critical collision repair information they need to keep up with the industry's increasing demands, Mitchell said. 

Thatcham's collision experts' methodology includes tearing down the latest vehicles in the group's UK-based technical research center to completely understand vehicle construction and devise repair techniques that replicate the strength and integrity of the original construction. Thatcham's research team works closely with both vehicle manufacturers to "design in" reparability and the collision repair industry to enable shops to repair high-tech vehicles. 

"Mitchell's partnership with Thatcham brings our customers unprecedented coverage of collision repair content, especially for complex, difficult to repair European and Asian market models. At the touch of a finger, our customers will be able to go online to the Mitchell Information Center and instantly identify the critical information they need to be able to safely and efficiently restore vehicles to pre-accident condition," said Marc Brungger, executive vice president of auto physical damage for Mitchell International.


Peter Roberts, Thatcham chief executive, added: "Repairers have frequently asked us to bring our collision methodologies to North America. However, it was important for us to partner with an established marketplace leader that is well respected throughout the industry, with a solid track record for bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace. Having worked closely with the Mitchell International for over a year, the Thatcham team is confident that we have found the best solution provider to bring ThatchamNet to the North American market."