ALPHARETTA, GA - LeasePlan USA recently introduced an innovative new leasing solution to the U.S. market called PartnerPlan.

"In times of economic uncertainty, the last thing companies want to worry about is their fleet budget. PartnerPlan offers relief from those concerns making it easier for a company to plan for fleet expenses," said Mike Pitcher, president and CEO.

PartnerPlan consists of fixed payments with an innovative end-of-lease settlement process, eliminating clients' residual risk. No budgetary surprises make it easy for companies to plan for fleet expenses while decreasing the administrative burden on fleet managers.

Kevin Neal, vice president, international business development, adds, "LeasePlan Corporation and its subsidiaries have developed and offered this product for the last 30 years globally. Now, LeasePlan USA is bringing this option, as well as the expertise, to the U.S. market."

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LeasePlan USA, a subsidiary of LeasePlan Corp. N.V., is a global vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions provider. The company, which manages 1.4 million vehicles worldwide, offers clients customized plans for total fleet cost reduction through its technologically advanced products and dedication to customer service.