Provided by AOL Autos, these tips may be of help to your fleet drivers. You may want to pass this list along, so your drivers are more prepared for that unexpected flashing of the police car lights. 

  1. Pull over in a safe area. Ask yourself this: If the officer were to approach my driver's-side window, would he or she be dangerously close to traffic? You may need to continue driving until you reach a safer spot.
  2. Don't coast. Don't keep coasting and pass several safe spots before finally stopping. This will raise suspicion. The officer may think you're trying to stash something, for example.
  3. Keep your hands on the wheel. As the officer approaches your vehicle, you don't want to give the impression that you may be reaching for a weapon. Don't reach for your wallet or purse until the officer asks for your license, registration or proof of insurance.
  4. Stay in the car. Never step out of your vehicle unless directed to do so by the officer.