The Automotive Training Group (ATG) has released the Ford OBDII Trouble Code, Quick-Reference guide.  This 450-page guide, the first in ATG's Technician Reference series, covers all Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury Cars, Trucks, SUV's, & Vans (2003-2008), including Diesel and Hybrid applications.  This information can be used along with your scan tool to quickly identify a fault, determine what conditions were present when the trouble code set, identify possible causes, and determine how to drive the vehicle to validate the repair.  The Trouble Code pre-conditions (enable criteria) included with each Trouble Code in this handbook are the key to proper diagnosis and repair of Trouble Codes on late model Ford vehicles.

In addition to the trouble code information described above, the handbook contains an overview of OBDII theory, including OBDII Monitor explanations and Drive Cycle graphics. This information is critical for the running of monitors to verify a repair, which prevents embarrassing comebacks.  The handbook also contains Mode $06 information, concentrating on the newer CAN Mode $06.

Due to its coil bound construction, this time-saving information source is at home inside the vehicle, on the fender, or on the workbench.   

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