WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Wilson Trailers is recalling 7,429 MY 1999-2009 Gooseneck trailers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. 

The defect concerns the lock support tube that may have been installed beyond specification. If this is the case, the lock could develop inadequate pin engagement, resulting in the gate opening unexpectedly. This poses a risk of personal injury to the user, NHTSA said. 

Owners are advised to check the gap between the keeper and support tube. They should document the dimension on the postcard provided and return it back to Wilson Trailers. If the gap is greater than three-eighth of an inch, a field repair is available to adjust the support tube to the correct dimension. 

Owners also have the option of contacting a Wilson dealer for an inspection of the area of concern. The dealer can adjust the lock support tube to maintain adequate pin engagement. This service will be performed free of charge. 

Owners can reach Wilson Trailers at (800) 798-2002. The recall begins this month.