WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Automakers are asking for more time to comply with new rules on data standards that apply to event data recorders in new vehicles, according to a report from CollisionWeek

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in January 2008 released its final rule on data standardization for event data recorders and gave automakers a Sept. 1, 2012 deadline to comply with the rule. 

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers submitted a petition last month requesting a one-year delay in the rule implementation. 

Some automakers have said their requests for rule clarifications haven't been fully addressed by NHTSA. For example, there are still questions about data capture requirements involving the deployment of side curtain air bags and the non-deployment or deployment of restraints other than air bags. Other issues needing clarification include definitions for "time zero" and "end of event," data formatting for accelerometers, and procedures for multi-event crashes, CollisionWeek reported. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers said they are still waiting for the NHTSA to respond to their inquiries.