The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers the following tips for those times when car trouble requires an emergency stop. You might want to pass these tips along to your drivers, so they're better prepared for the unexpected. 

  • Pull off the road away from all traffic, if possible. 
  • If you cannot get completely off the road, stop where people can see you and your car from behind. Don't stop just over a hill or just around a curve.  
  • Turn on your emergency flashers if you are not moving. If your car doesn't have flashers, turn signals may be used instead.  
  • If it is safe, lift the hood to signal an emergency.  
  • Give other drivers plenty of warning. Place emergency flares or triangles 200 to 300 feet be­hind the car. This allows other drivers time to change lanes, if necessary. Be very careful when using flares. They may cause fires, especially when used near flammable liquids.  
  • If you don't have emergency flares, follow the rules listed above and stay in your vehicle until help arrives. Be careful for your safety and stay off the road. Remember, don't even try to change a tire if it means you have to stand in a traffic lane.