WASHINGTON The members of Obama administration's auto team, responsible for overseeing the Detroit Big Three automakers as they move toward restructuring their organizations, don't appear to be big fans of American cars, according to the Detroit News.

Of the group of 18 individuals on the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry and senior policy aides assisting them, only two own American models.   

The Detroit News reviewed public records to discover what many of the task force and staff members drove, but information was not available on all of the officials, and records for some states were not complete.

Among the vehicles reportedly owned by the task force and staff members, brands include Lexus, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Mazda, Honda, Volvo, Saab, and Toyota.

President Barack Obama traded in his Chrysler 300C for a more fuel-efficient Ford Escape hybrid during the 2008 presidential campaign, Joe Biden owns a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette, and Ron Bloom, a special adviser to the Treasury Department also advising the task force, owns a Ford Taurus.