MONTVALE, N.J. – Mercedes’ BlueZERO will come in three drive configurations. The E-CELL, a battery-electric model, promises a range of 124 miles. The F-CELL, goosed with a fuel cell, will give you a 248-mile range. The BlueZERO E-Cell Plus includes an electric drive and internal-combustion engine as a range extender for a whopping 372 miles.

Both the E-CELL and E-CELL PLUS can cover up to 62 miles on the electric drive alone.Mercedes plans plenty of space, technology and safety for the BlueZERO concepts. The energy generators will be integerated into the sandwich floor so there will be no compromises, the company says, when it comes to passenger cabin and luggage space. As for crash safety, Mercedes promises that BlueZERO will have high standards.