NASSAU COUNTY, NY --- Last month, a bunched-up floor mat apparently caused a driver to lose control of his gas pedal and he slammed his car into a storefront Hanukkah party in Woodmere, Newsday reported.

The crash injured eight children and six adults, police said. The floor mat got caught below the brake and above the gas pedal. When the driver tried to brake, he inadvertently accelerated into the party.

The truth is, floor mat problems have been blamed for crashes for many years. Here are some AAA tips to pass along to your fleet drivers:

-- Always use floor mats designed specifically for your vehicle. The mat needs to be cut to fit your model's floorboard.

-- Make sure the floor mat is securely in place, not bunched up. This is especially important during winter. If you notice the mat is out of place while you're driving, pull over and fix it.

-- Never put a towel between a mat and the floor.

-- If you can't brake, in most situations it's best to put the car into neutral.