ATLANTA --- The state of Georgia plans to spend $775,800 to fund four programs aimed at making driving on state roads safer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

These programs include making rural roads safer, developing strategies to reduce crash injuries to older drivers, and distributing child-safety seats to families in need.

The state's Department of Human Resources received the grant money from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

-- The Rural Roads Initiative will receive $130,900 to improve signage and striping on rural and non-interstate roads in northeast and southeast Georgia. The program will also study the problem of speeding in these areas.

-- The Older Driver Safety Program will receive $110,000 to reduce injuries and fatalities among older drivers. The strategies will balance the needs of older drivers and the safety of other drivers.

-- The Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System will receive $60,000 to analyze crashes, injuries and driver behavior to better understand and prevent crash injuries.

-- The Child Occupant Safety Program will receive $474,900 to provide education and child safety seats to low-income families.