TORRANCE, CA – Lexus may be expanding its F-badged lineup in the future. Hirokazu Koga, general manager of the Lexus Development Center and one person behind the IS F, told Autoblog that if the automaker goes forward with plans to create a GS F, an LS F could be in the cards, according to

Word came down in August that Lexus planned to delay the introduction of the 500+ hp sedan due to the economic downturn and the high price of fuel.If an LS F model would come to market, only a few drivetrains could be fitted to the hulking sedan to give it the level of performance necessary to carry the F badge.

If Toyota does decide to build the LF-A, its V-10 powerplant would be a great candidate for the LS F to provide motivation and defer some of the costs of the supercar, according to

According to two Lexus execs who talked to Autoblog, the IS F outsold both the Mercedes-Benz C63 and BMW M3 Sedan last month, but if consumers are accepting the idea of a high-performance Lexus, than other models will surely follow.