MUNICH, GERMANY – BMW has released a video on its Web site promoting its new ‘BMW Performance’ range of accessories, which is designed to allow customers to purchase factory-backed performance and aesthetic upgrades for their cars. There is now a full list of accessories online about the new BMW Performance range. One of the more interesting accessories listed is an F1-style racing wheel displaying gear-shift lights, lap times, and a host of other motorsport-related data, according to

The Web site video shows a 1-Series Coupe decked in racing white alongside a white 3-Series. The Web site also reveals that the 1-Series and the 3-Series will be the first to benefit from the new accessories, with other models to hopefully follow later.

For the 1-Series, BMW is offering a full bodykit that increases downforce and improves handling, including a carbon-fiber rear diffuser, a new front grille, a carbon-fiber front splitter, and a roof spoiler, rear spoiler, and side mirrors, all made from carbon fiber. The 3-Series forgoes the carbon roof spoiler and mirrors, but also gets the carbon front splitter and rear diffuser.

Both the 1-Series and 3-Series get upgraded six-piston aluminum fixed calipers painted in yellow and grooved cross-drilled discs to up the braking power. Both models also get chassis and suspension upgrades, including ultra-stiff shock absorbers, suspension struts, and anti-roll bars, plus a carbon fiber suspension cross-brace, as well as lighter wheels to reduce corner weights further, according to

In the cockpit, aluminum pedals and an Alcantara-swathed gearknob are available on both models, along with various carbon-fiber accents to give the interior a sporty feel. Apart from the short-shifter and racing seats that we reported on earlier, a new F1-style racing wheel is available with a three-section display built into the top of the wheel. This allows drivers to call up a variety of motorsport-related data and functions, including lap times, split times, maximum acceleration, and speed, and the time taken for the quarter-mile sprint. It also shows gear shift indicator prompts, water, and oil temperature readings, and figures for straight-line and lateral acceleration.