MONTVALE, N.J. –Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) announced it will invest more than $30 million in a new and larger company-owned flagship dealership in Manhattan to expand its customer care capability and improve efficiency. The new 53rd Street facility, which replaces an existing facility on 41st Street, is expected to be operational by 2011 and will be one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the country, according to the manufacturer.

“We know that, more than ever before, customers are placing a very high priority on their experience with their dealership over the entire ownership period,” said MBUSA President and CEO Ernst Lieb. “With this in mind, we are working with our dealer partners, who together are investing over a billion dollars, to achieve unparalleled levels of consistency across the network through what we call our Autohaus project. This involves both brand elements as well as architectural designs that are oriented around creating more transparency, comfort and convenience for the customer. Consistent with this, we are creating an all-new MB Manhattan dealership to shine as the jewel in the crown of the network.”