PHOENIX, AZ ---, an abduction alerting company, announced a corporate alliance with automotive aftermarket safety company BrakeSafe.

According to BrakeSafe officials, the company is donating a portion of every BrakeSafe unit sold to sponsor the Amber Alert web portal, a technology used by law enforcement to initiate Amber alerts in the event of a missing or abducted child. In addition, BrakeSafe will be distributing a limited quantity of the Child ID Kit to affiliated auto dealerships nationwide to be given to families who purchase the BrakeSafe product on their new or used automobile.

"We're honored to have BrakeSafe onboard with us and assist in achieving our mission of helping protect families," said Matthew  Brammer, vice president of corporate alliances. "The BrakeSafe product, a rear-end collision avoidance system, is a family safety product, and their goals of protecting drivers falls directly in line with ours."

Rich Battaglini, BrakeSafe national sales director, added: "For our company, this is a perfect fit. The Child ID Kit protects a child and their family while they are outside a car, and the BrakeSafe rear end collision avoidance system protects them while they are driving."

The Child ID Kit is an encrypted software program that collects critical information about a child's world, like physical characteristics as well as friends and online activities, and securely stores the information on a portable USB flash drive. In the event a child goes missing, law enforcement can access the information with the parents' password and greatly reduce the time necessary to begin an investigation.