SPARKS, MDPHH Arval has launched a business networking capability within its B2B Web site called "PHH InterActive Community." The secure site is the latest in business technologies designed to enhance communication and sharing of information. PHH clients can interact directly with other clients and groups of clients in an informal conversation that enables them to: 

  • Find out what others have to say about specific fleet-related topics.
  • Ask a question or solicit information from peers.
  • Exchange ideas and share information with others who understand their fleet management challenges. 

In addition to networking with colleagues and PHH employees throughout North America, PHH Arval clients can also "subscribe" to the Community and have information about specific topics sent to them via e-mail. This feature enables them to see what others are saying about a topic of interest without having to check continually with the Web site.  

"Our clients have consistently told us they love attending PHH events because of the opportunity to network with other clients," said Mark Tognetti, vice president, IT strategy and innovation for PHH Arval. "We're simply allowing these discussions to continue regardless of time or distance. To our knowledge, this is the only such shared community offered by a fleet management company. Our clients are adopting it even more quickly and enthusiastically than we anticipated."