INGOLSTADT, GERMANY – Hoping to drum up public awareness of the TDI diesel engines that Audi will be launching soon in the United States, the company has staged a 4,800-mile endurance road test across the country called the Audi Mileage Marathon to show off the diesel’s power, performance, and fuel economy, according to

From Oct. 5 to 20, a total of 23 diesel vehicles from Audi’s Q7, Q5, A4, and A3 lines will drive from New York to Los Angeles to showcase the efficiency of Audi’s new 50-state-legal diesel engines. The Q7, Q5, and A4 will all feature the new 3.0L TDI V-6 engine, while the A3 will sport the 2.0L TDI inline-four-cylinder. All of the cars will feature Audi’s ultra-low emissions system the company claims reduces nitrogen oxides by 90 percent.

The 15-day marathon will feature 13 daily stages where 184 drivers from around the world take turns experiencing the power, handling, and efficiency of Audi’s line of TDI vehicles for the United States. The tour will pass through Chicago, Dallas, and Las Vegas along the way and will feature highway and rural driving to emulate real-world driving as much as possible.

Mileage Marathon Cities & Dates:        

  • New York, N.Y.: Oct. 5–6.       
  • Washington, D.C.: Oct. 6–7.  
  • Cleveland, Ohio: Oct. 7–8.        
  • Chicago, Ill.: Oct. 8–9.   
  • Memphis, Tenn.: Oct. 9–10.
  • Dallas, Texas: Oct. 10–11.     
  • Amarillo, Texas: Oct. 11–12.      
  • Denver, Colo.: Oct. 12–13.     
  • Durango, Colo.: Oct. 13–14.   
  • Sedona, Ariz.: Oct. 14–15. 
  • Las Vegas, Nev.: Oct. 15–16. 
  • Mammoth Lakes, Calif.: Oct. 16–17.
  • Monterey, Calif.: Oct. 17–19.
  • Los Angeles, Calif.: Oct. 19–20.