IRVINE, CA --- This fall, Volvo will give customers a sneak peek at the Volvo XC60 with standard City Safety.

City Safety is designed to help the driver avoid or reduce low-speed impacts that are common in city traffic. If the car is about to strike the vehicle in front and the driver does not react, the car automatically applies the brakes.

According to surveys, more than 75 percent of all accidents occur in speeds below 19 mph. Volvo said it is involved in a dialogue with insurance companies regarding lower insurance premiums for cars equipped with City Safety.

Customers in select cities can see the XC60 this fall before it goes on sale during an "Experiential Tour," where they will have the chance to see the new car and learn about the safety system that includes a feature allowing the car to stop itself if an accident is imminent.

The Experiential Tour events will feature a multimedia tour of Volvo's "passion for safety, driving dynamics and design," Volvo said. The three-pronged experience, made up of kiosks, videos and timelines, will surround the XC60.

Additionally, Volvo team members will demonstrate City Safety features. The first 25 families at each tour event will receive a free emergency preparedness kit. During the tour stops, customers can place pre-orders for the XC60, which will be available March 1, 2009.

The 2008 tour stops include Boston, Tri-State area, Chicago and Philadelphia. For tour details, visit

"Volvo is the first in the world to offer this type of feature as standard," said Doug Speck, president and chief executive officer for Volvo Cars of North America. "City Safety clearly signals that the new XC60 is the safest car Volvo has ever produced. The car is packed with our accumulated safety know-how and technology, both when it comes to preventing accidents and protecting all the occupants in a collision."