TORRANCE, CA --- American Honda last week released position statements discouraging the use of salvage or recycled parts to repair Honda or Acura vehicles that have been damaged in a collision.

"American Honda recognizes the importance of recycling, but the use of salvage/recycled parts to repair collision-damaged vehicles raises serious concerns about quality, suitability, safety and warranty," the statement said.

The quality or suitability of such parts could be compromised by such factors as "exposure to weather, improper removal or transfer of parts, possible mis-match of vehicle electrical components or other safety-related items as well as excessive wear on vital mechanical parts such as steering or suspension parts," American Honda said. "In cases where the donor vehicle was repaired due to a prior collision, salvage/recycle parts may not be an original or Acura [or Honda] Genuine replacement part. At this time, there is no generally accepted process or system in place to regulate the quality or suitability of salvage/recycle parts."

In conclusion, Honda added: "American Honda believes the interests of vehicle owners and collision repairers are best served when Acura [or Honda] Genuine replacement parts are used in the repair of an Acura [or Honda] vehicle."