MUNICH, GERMANY - The idea behind BMW’s upcoming X1 combines size, maneuverability, fuel economy, and affordable pricing with the vantage point of a crossover vehicle. And, the X3 is slated to be replaced by the end of the decade, according to


BMW is going to build the X1 at its Leipzig plant alongside the 1-Series hatchback and coupe and the 3-Series. Besides sharing components with both of these vehicles, this facility was opted for due to the location of production.


Production of the next generation Z4 will move to Germany, while the X3, which is popular in North America, will be built in South Carolina. BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system will be on offer, and power is expected to come from a range of PSA-BMW four-cylinder engines as well as the brand’s trademark inline-six.


Expect the next 1-Series to be launched after the debut of the X1, according to This could potentially mean the availability of a 1-Series hatchback in North America, where only the two-door notchback coupe and Cabriolet are currently sold.