ALPHARETTA, GA – As a result of its continued growth and success, LeasePlan USA, a provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions, has expanded its client relations group. The group is led by National Vice President Bryan Steele, an industry veteran of more than 28 years.

"As part of the strong commitment we have to our clients, we have added resources to expand the client relations group and better serve their needs," said Jon Toups, national vice president, sales, marketing and client relations.

Recent trends continue to show many fleet decision makers are increasing their focus on strategic fleet management and looking to their fleet management provider for direction, according to LeasePlan. In order to meet this need, the company created a more consultative approach to fleet management, which began with the creation of the client relations group in 2005. Since then, the group has been expanded to include additional strategic account and regional vice presidents focused on assisting their clients through a new consultative tool, which is a single and consistent methodology that is easily tracked and measured.

Critical to this methodology is a dedicated team assigned to the client — including utilizing subject matter experts in such areas as risk and accident management, remarketing, and vehicle acquisition — to identify client opportunities.