LOS ANGELES --- Though both California and the federal government have passed laws to label tires' fuel efficiency, there has been little progress in implementing such laws, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

However, motorists can still maximize fuel efficiency by making the right choices when purchasing and caring for their tires. The L.A. Times offers the following tire-related tips to help improve fuel efficiency:

-- Keep your tires properly inflated. Low air pressure cuts fuel economy.

-- When replacing tires, consider purchasing the same brand and model that came as original equipment on your car. In general, automakers choose tires that are as efficient as possible.

-- If you live in a dry climate, don't buy rain tires. Water-shedding or off-road tread patterns often use more fuel.

-- Don't "pimp your ride." On average, bigger rims weigh more, and the low-profile tires they use create more friction because they're wider.

-- Don't replace tires too early. Worn tires are more fuel-efficient than brand-new ones. Wait to replace until there is 2/32 of an inch of tread remaining.

-- Skip the nitrogen. It's still unclear whether filling tires with nitrogen improves mileage or tire wear. The extra expense may not be worth it.