GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN – The best-selling Volvo V70 becomes the fifth Volvo model to be offered with the sporty factory-fitted R-Design option pack. The R-Design pack spotlights a new dimension: impassioned, extroverted, and challenging, according to the manufacturer.


“Increasing numbers of customers want cars that express individual taste and style. Volvo Cars has therefore created the R-Design option pack to add a refined sporty look to the other attractive characteristics of our products,” said Gerry Keaney, senior vice president, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service at Volvo Cars.

The R-Design pack for the Volvo V70 includes a wide range of eye-catching features, including door mirror housings and grille detailing in silk metal finish, chrome exhaust tailpipe, and specially designed 18-inch aluminium wheels. On the inside, from the instrument panel’s aluminium inlays to the center console and door sides, there is a milled circular décor pattern that spreads like ripples in water.

The sporty chassis has been optimized with the help of features such as stiffer anti-roll bars and bushings and lower ground clearance for more direct road contact and more responsive and rewarding steering feedback.

“The big challenge with this project was to combine crisp driving pleasure with Volvo’s renowned secure properties in poor road conditions such as heavy rain or snow. I’m convinced we’ve found exactly the right balance,” said Ekkehard Schwartz, vice president, Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics.