MANCHESTER VILLAGE, Vermont --- Land Rover North America and the Equinox resort announced the opening of an all-new driving school.

The Land Rover Experience Driving School will be part of the Equinox resort's outdoor amenity offerings and will be open year-round to guests and daytime visitors of the 195-room luxury hotel.

The off-road driving school at Equinox features off-pavement driving instruction in the spring, summer and fall as well as snow and ice driving techniques during the winter. Using the latest Land Rover line-up, including the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover LR3 and Land Rover LR2 vehicles, participants will learn to properly navigate ascents, descents, side-tilts and rocky terrain on the 80-acre purpose-built course. The degree of difficulty ranges from introductory courses to more advanced off-road training sessions on an extensive trail system that runs through the stunning Green Mountains.