BURLINGTON, NJ Franz Family Bakeries of Portland, Ore., has expanded its use of Arsenault's Dossier maintenance management software from one to all four of its commercial baking plants, according to Arsenault Associates, which provides Dossier software for a variety of vehicles including tractors, trailers, trucks, buses and autos, and construction and material handling equipment.

Franz Family Bakeries, bakers of bread, buns and other products, is the largest family-owned commercial baker on the west coast. The company's fleet includes tractors, trailers and dollies for pulling double and triple trailer combinations.

According to Franz Fleet Manager Tommy Moreno, the company moved from a single installation at its Portland, Ore., plant to 24/7 Fleet Online, a hosted version of Dossier that now manages more than 1,000 vehicles at four locations in Oregon and Washington. Dossier 24/7 Fleet Online is hosted by Arsenault and available to customers from any Internet-connected computer. Arsenault maintains and updates software automatically, keeps the site secure, and backs up customer data in multiple locations. The bakery company has been a Dossier user since 1991.

24/7 Fleet Online enables managers in all four locations to access fleet information and reports, to schedule preventive maintenance (PM) and more.

"Now, foremen and corporate managers can access our vehicle maintenance database and reports from anywhere," said Moreno.

With a century-long history, Franz Family Bakeries is credited with helping establish the 5-inch hamburger bun as the national standard in the 1920s. In July 2006, the company baked a 104-foot, 9.5 inch hot dog bun in a successful attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the World's longest hot dog bun, according to Arsenault.