MUNICH, GERMANY – It won’t be long before the next generation BMW 7-Series will be revealed. Insiders suggest that the next 7-Series won’t be as visually bold as the current one, taking a slightly more conventional look that will serve as a refined evolution of the current model. The interior will also be reworked and is to feature a new generation of iDrive interface, according to


The 7’s column shift will move back between the seats, but the electronic linkage mechanism won’t be changed. The lever from the 5, 6, X5, and X6 will be fitted here, instead. What will be different, however, is that the 7 will be the first car to debut ZF’s new eight-speed automatic transmission. Another possible addition is an all-wheel-drive version. 

BMW could equip the new 7 with the same type of xDrive system as fitted to its new X6, which is capable of varying torque between the left and right rear wheels to improve handling characteristics and increase agility. No word on which engines will be offered, but don’t be surprised if BMW’s twin-turbocharged lineup makes an entrance, according to Reportedly, the car will make its international debut this September in Paris, and should be on the road by 2009.