NECKARSULM, GERMANY — During a roundtable chat with journalists, Audi’s Quattro GmbH development chief Stefan Reil dropped a hint that intensified, lightweight versions of the R8 supercar and TT sports car are under serious consideration, according to The head of Audi’s Quattro GmbH (Audi’s in-house tuning/customization outfit and builder of the scrumptious R8 supercar) indicated that Audi might not be done exploring new ways to have fun with its R8.


With the R8 Sport, Audi will probably take a similar approach to performance as it did with the 2005 TT Quattro Sport. That car featured a slight increase in horsepower for its turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a tauter suspension calibration, Recaro seats, and a slight reduction in weight.

Reil’s comments all but confirm a TT-RS model, which is rumored to have a turbocharged five-pot with nearly 350 horsepower. What might that mean for the R8? Possibly an increase in horsepower somewhere around 500 hp, according to Mechanical upgrades could include carbon ceramic brakes, and a few optimized enhancements could reduce the aerodynamic drag and thus coax some more top speed from the thrust of the R8’s 4.2L V-8, which currently produces 420 hp and 317 ft.-lb. of torque.

Reil gave no clues as to the time frame during which the lightweight R8 and/or TT models might appear or if either would make it to the United States.