MONTVALE, NJ – The new 50-state version of Mercedes’s 3.2L turbodiesel BlueTEC V-6 uses urea solution injection technology, called AdBlue, to meet
California’s tough emissions standards. The ammonia-based fluid reduces nitrogen-oxide levels to the point that the diesel is as clean as the E350’s 3.5L gasoline V-6. BlueTEC is currently available in the E-Class and will be offered in the M, R, and GL-Class SUVs later this year, according to


The vehicle features 208 horsepower, 400 ft.-lb. of torque, served from between 1600 and 2400 rpm. Based on the E320’s six-mpg EPA city advantage over the E350, and factoring in a current cost premium of around 40 cents per gallon, the diesel saves about $2,000 over 50,000 miles of city driving. And it costs $1,000 more than the gas model, the report said.