SAN JOSE, CA – Aeris Communications, a digital wireless communications service provider dedicated to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and telematics marketplace across North America, has released AerPort, an enhanced M2M customer portal, and AerTraffic, a near real-time device traffic reporting interface. AerPort and AerTraffic are currently available to all Aeris customers.

AerPort provides Aeris customers immediate access to all aspects of their wireless communications devices, including purchasing, specifications, device management, billing details, and customer support. AerTraffic, an online service within AerPort, provides customers with immediate access to both summary and detailed device traffic reports enabling customers to understand up to the minute costs, device activity, and overall device status. This timely information can be used to proactively manage large device populations, delivering greater operational productivity, higher quality of service, and lower overall costs of ownership.

AerPort provides customers with consolidated reports show traffic for all devices and also display intra-month account balances, past billing invoices, and cost detail records. AerAdmin enables customers to provision, query, cancel, and suspend devices as well as change rate plans and view session history for their CDMA and GSM devices. GSM customers can easily purchase SIMs online through the AerStore service. As an added benefit, customers can enter and view the status of support cases through AerSupport, and retrieve specifications and documentation through AerDocs. 

AerPort includes detailed interactive coverage maps that provide customers with the information they need in planning device deployments efficiently. In addition to coverage details, the real-time status of the Aeris Network, all maintenance and service notices are posted on the customer’s personal home page to ensure immediate access to this important information.