NEW YORK – Electronic technology will have a huge impact on cars in coming years. Here are five breaking trends, along with a list of cars that put the latest technology to good use, according to Forbes.


1. In-Car Computing, such as in-dash computers, Web surfing and e-mailing, and the all-in-one PC.

2. MP3 Player Connectivity, including iPod integration.

3. Bluetooth Integration that is hands-free.

4. Advanced GPS Navigation, including real-time traffic information and landmark data.

5. Factory Infusion, as more manufacturers are adding complex electronic devices at the factory.

A study conducted by GfK Custom Research, based in New York, asked adults what options they would be interested in having on their car: GPS Navigation was the most-desired technology out of the five spotlighted in this article. Internet access was the least desired of all, with 24 percent of respondents expressing interest. Built-in Bluetooth capability was near the bottom in terms of desirability, with 38 percent of those surveyed expressing interest.

Low-tech and long-used remote starting systems that allow vehicles to be started and warmed up without having to get in the car and turn the ignition topped GfK’s list.