CLAY COUNTY, KS – Clay County Sheriff Paul Vescovo said that he wants officials to clarify proposed amendments to the county’s vehicle policy, according to The Kansas City Star. The amended policy was recently presented to commissioners, who did not vote on it.

Vescovo said while he agrees with most of the document, certain provisions appear to conflict with the vehicle policy of the sheriff’s department. According to the proposed amendments, if there is an accident involving a county-owned vehicle, the employee involved must take a breath alcohol and urine drug test.

Vescovo said he did not think sheriff’s deputies should immediately be required to take alcohol and drug tests if they are involved in a minor accident. He said the sheriff’s department already requires drug and alcohol testing if the employee was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted in a fatality, if a motorist requires medical attention, if a deputy is issued a citation, or if there is severe damage to the vehicle that requires it to be towed.