ST. LOUIS, Mo. --- GMAC Insurance has launchedSmartInspect, a post-repair inspection service designed to ensure the quality and value of repairs after an accident.

As part of the service, customers can opt for a qualified GMAC Insurance representative to re-inspect and approve all work done in the repair process. The benefit is available free of charge to all customers nationwide.

"Many insurers remove themselves from the claims process once the check has been issued for repairs, leaving drivers on their own to procure quality service," said George Hall, vice president of Claims at GMAC Insurance Personal Lines."With SmartInspect, we follow through on our guarantee of proper repairs, because we really care about any customer concerns -- we're not just in the business of processing a check."

After an accident, customers can choose a repair shop within GMAC Insurance's premier direct repair network (if available in their area) to ensure the highest-quality repairs with a lifetime guarantee. However, as always, they can specify the body shop of their choice if they prefer. Once repairs are complete, the SmartInspect service offers customers the opportunity for a qualified GMAC Insurance representative to re-inspect their vehicle. If representatives identify situations where repairs were not completed as estimated on the front end, they will address the situation with the repair facility on behalf of the customer and resolve it accordingly.

"We want customers to breathe easy knowing that GMAC Insurance is handling everything in the claims process, taking responsibility through to the very end," Hall said.