LAS VEGAS --- The 2008 ARC-CSI Crash Conference will be held June 2-5 at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas.

The conference will feature multiple full-scale crash tests conducted at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and three days of presentations from leading collision reconstruction experts.

Every year, the ARC-CSI Conference features crash tests using state-of-the-art equipment.  The volume of testing has varied from as few as four to as many as nine tests, all conducted in the space of just a few hours at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring video and still cameras to take photos and video of the crashes and vehicles before and after the testing series.  At the end of the week, everyone in attendance will receive a DVD with conference proceedings as well as literally hundreds of high-resolution photos of the testing vehicles, crash scenes, video of the crashes from multiple angles and in multiple formats and the underlying real crash data collected from accelerometer data to vehicle and roadway evidence maps.

This year, an ambitious day of testing is planned including motorcycle-to-car crashes and car-to-pedestrian crashes to supplement presentations and workshops at the conference. Additional testing planned includes a series to illustrate Ford PCM pre-crash data, rollover technology (with another full-scale rollover as presented in 2006) and the effect of a "PIT" maneuver on the "violator's" car and occupants --- again tied into conference presentations.  Additional crashes may be added.

Crash testing for the conference will be conducted by Collision Safety Institute, which has conducted more than 200 crash tests over the years.