SAN DIEGO – Networkcar, a wireless vehicle management company, has partnered with Arsenault Associates to integrate engine diagnostic data into Arsenault Associates’ Dossier fleet maintenance software.

Networkcar’s vehicle management system Networkfleet will enable Dossier users to automatically receive odometer readings, hourly meter readings, and diagnostic trouble code notifications to automate the scheduling of preventative maintenance for fleet vehicles.

Networkfleet gives fleet managers the power to access near real-time information on virtually every aspect of fleet operations via the Internet. Along with GPS location information, the Networkfleet in-vehicle device collects and seamlessly transmits patented engine diagnostic information directly from a vehicle’s engine computer.

Dossier software will integrate this diagnostic data collected by Networkfleet into its system to automate the control and administration of fleet maintenance management. Users will be able to schedule regular maintenance without having to manually check meter readings. In addition, the system will receive notifications of diagnostic trouble codes for individual vehicles, which can then be compared to maintenance history and other vehicle information.

Arsenault Associates’ Dossier software is used to manage a variety of mobile and fixed assets that require periodic maintenance. Dossier helps fleet managers track repairs, plan preventative maintenance, and evaluate the cost of operating assets. The greater awareness Dossier provides allows managers to make changes that will reduce costs, reduce downtime, lower part inventories, extend equipment life, increase mechanic productivity, and provide better control of vendors and drivers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials