DETROIT – The Telematics Detroit business-to-business conference, to be held May 22-23, is among the largest telematics-focused events worldwide, offering the latest news and views from the hi-tech automotive world. According to Telematics Detroit, the future of telematics may offer the following possibilities:

  • Cars that don’t crash because they are in constant communication with the road, infrastructure, and other on-road vehicles.
  • Cars that rarely, if ever, break down because they warn the driver of a problem well in advance and inform the mechanic of the problem.
  • Cars that have full-blown streaming, hi-def TV and multiplayer online video games for the kids in the back seat.
  • Cars that sync seamlessly with consumer electronics – iPods, cellphones, PC tablets, PDAs, etc.
  • Cars that drive themselves. On May 22 and 23, the Telematics Detroit conference will bring together telematics industry leaders to discuss how to move this industry forward and how to bring about this visionary future of driving. The exhibition is free to all. The main conference costs $1,795 for a gold ticket.

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  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials