SAN DIEGO – Networkcar, a wireless vehicle management company, has partnered with Automotive Resources International (ARI). This partnership will offer ARI customers a wireless system to monitor the performance and location of fleet vehicles. The system integrates telematics and fleet management data through ARI’s Web-based ARI insights, an intelligent web-based car and truck-fleet management system. This integrated solution will help to reduce fleet operating costs and improve overall company productivity.

Fleets managed by ARI that require real-time data can choose an active program provided through Networkcar, a cellular-based (provided by AT&T Cingular Wireless) coverage that merges patented remote diagnostic systems with GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology to provide up-to-the minute status of both vehicle location and engine diagnostics. The system feeds into ARI insights, where users can view integrated telematics and fleet management data. The administration tools are user-friendly, and the comprehensive report series can be printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials