MEMPHIS, TN — FedEx Express, a division of FedEx, will add as many as 75 diesel-electric hybrid trucks to its fleet in the next 12 months, according to the Web site, The exact number will depend upon pricing and availability, FedEx said. FedEx now uses only 18 hybrid trucks, so adding 75 would quintuple the number, said eTrucker. The announcement illustrates the “growing viability of hybrid trucks,” said John Formisano, FedEx Express vice president of global vehicles. The E700 decreases particulate emissions by 96 percent and travels 57 percent farther on a gallon of fuel than a conventional FedEx truck, the company announced. The hybrid truck is a joint initiative among FedEx, Eaton and the non-profit group Environmental Defense. Eaton produced the hybrid electric powertrain, which uses a computer to determine the most effective combination of the diesel engine and the electric motor, depending on operating conditions. FedEx Express began working with Environmental Defense four years ago to create a next-generation delivery vehicle.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials