CHICAGO — Want a cab in a flash? Now you can find the taxi nearest to where you're at on Google, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Google launched a "real time" map that details locations of more than 700 cabs, limousines and handicap-accessible vehicles citywide. The "ride finder" service is available in 11 metro areas, including New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C. In Chicago, Google is teaming with Flash Cab to present a picture of where available cabs are located using global positioning system software. Handicap-accessible vans and limousines dispatched by Flash Cab and its affiliates, 303-Taxi and HVC Central Dispatch, are the only vehicles listed on the Web site, which is updated every few minutes every day. The Web address is Enter a street address to view taxi locations and the phone number of a cab dispatcher. Google spokesman Nate Tyler says the company is seeking additional companies to post GPS information.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials