Gordon Campbell, director of strategic sourcing for Tyco Fire & Security Services, was named Fleet Financials 2004 Fleet Executive of the Year at an awards brunch April 18 in Atlanta. Co-sponsored by the auto claims and risk management firm, The CEI Group, the award honors the best in fleet management. A panel of five industry judges evaluates nominees on their record of cost-savings initiatives, policy setting, innovative program creation, and cultivation of fleet manager training and management. Campbell’s Tyco responsibilities include real estate transactions, travel management, events planning, procurement, and fleet management for more than 45,000 vehicles worldwide. He participates in a number of strategic sourcing initiatives and was acknowledged by Tyco for his work in creating a global fleet procurement process which drove administrative cost savings as well as new-found operational consistency for fleet management throughout the company’s business units worldwide. Other award nominees included Susan O’Rourke, procurement services director for Sun Chemical, and Anthony Santiago, vice-president, global strategic sourcing, global business services at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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