Networkcar, Inc., has debuted its newest fleet management technology, Networkfleet, which gives fleet managers online access to detailed vehicle performance indicators such as mileage, speed, speed history, malfunction indicator lamp status, fuel efficiency, and standard location-based information. Networkfleet uses the CAReader to collect and organize automotive information from a vehicle’s engine computer and location-based information from a global positioning system device. This information is transmitted to an information center where the data is sent to fleet managers in the form of e-mail alerts, summary e-mail reports, or Web pages. CAReader is compatible with all light- and medium-duty vehicles manufactured since 1996. Networkcar’s national fleet manager Donald Brady says using Networkfleet can help fleet managers significantly reduce operating costs by “using features like fuel efficiency tracking and speed tracking.” Brady adds that using online service histories can help fleets receive higher prices on the resale of their vehicles.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials