Fleet Maintenance Management Solutions has signed an exclusive distribution license with Link It Software Corp., a Santa Clarita, CA, company, to sell EZ Maintenance software. The agreement will allow the Jacksonville-based firm to distribute EZ Maintenance software exclusively to the fleet industry nationwide.

“EZ Maintenance, which retails for $1,495, is of value to anyone who has a fleet of vehicles and/or equipment to maintain,” said Bill White, president of Fleet Maintenance Management Solutions.

“EZ Maintenance is a complete, user-friendly, Windows-based maintenance software package. The software is network/multi-user ready out of the box, and is designed to track and schedule maintenance for any type of vehicle or equipment a company may be using. There’s no limit to the number of vehicles or pieces of equipment the software will track.

“Not only will EZ Maintenance schedule and track maintenance for vehicles,” continued White, “but the software also contains a complete, separate module for setting up and tracking maintenance on all other types of equipment a company may have in addition to vehicles.”

White stated that not only will the software produce work orders for all required maintenance on any type of equipment or vehicle, but it also produces complete histories of all maintenance performed; what was done, by whom and when, along with the costs of labor and parts. Maintenance can be scheduled by mileage or time intervals or a combination of both.

“Also,” added White, “equipment to be maintained can be bar coded, allowing a maintenance procedure to begin with a ‘swipe’ of the bar code. EZ Maintenance also tracks vehicle and driver license information and license expiration dates. It produces a report showing all expiring licenses 30 days in advance. The software records all driver information, and allows for entry and tracking of all driver incidents.”

According to White, since the program was released into the marketplace, it has been purchased by companies ranging in size from those with a handful of employees to some of the largest corporations in the nation. He added that individual software packages can be purchased directly from his company, and that sub-distributorships for segments of the fleet industry, as well as discounts for multiple unit purchases are available.

For further information, contact Bill White, (904) 287-8085, e-mail: wcwhite@attbi.com.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials