DaimlerChrysler has announced the program details for its 2003-MY Fast Start Program: Timeframe: June 1, 2002 – Oct. 31, 2002. Orders placed between above time period for production by 12/31/02 will be automatically coded for Fast Start eligibility. Eligible 2003 Models: Intrepid/Concorde/300M: $1,000 Stratus/Sebring Sedan: $500 Jeep Liberty: $500 All Minivans Models: $500 (includes Town & Country) Eligible Type of Sale: Type 3, Type 5, and Type 6. Fast Start Bonus IS COMPATIBLE with the following Programs: Fleet Purchase Allowance Program – 37A3F Local Stand Alone Consumer Cash (SACC) Consumer Purchase Loyalty Stand Alone APR Consumer Cash Plus APR Consumer Lease Cash Consumer Lease Loyalty CFC/Chase Lease Distant Delivery – 37A3G Individual Lease Program – 37A3L On-the-Job Incentive Program Farm Bureau Certificate Program DaimlerChrysler Fleet Volume Incentive Programs Fast Start Bonus is NOT COMPATIBLE with the following Programs: GDP Program – 37A3R Daily Rental Purchase Program – 37A3V Bid Concession Numbers (Utility & Tax Exempt/Governmental) Bid Out of Stock Program – 37A3S Driver Education – 37A3B DRAC – 37A3D Or other programs unless specifically included in those programs. Upon submission of an order into the system between June 1, 2002 – Oct. 31, 2002 a special “Fast Start” code will automatically be added to the order identifying this as eligible for Fast Start Program incentive. After proper submission of an NVDR the purchaser’s and/or end-user’s correct fleet account number (FAN), payment of Fast Start money will be paid via EFT, automatically to the selling dealer. NOTE: Payment by the selling dealer to the Registered DaimlerChrysler Fleet Account is mandatory and is the responsibility of the selling dealer unless otherwise authorized by the purchasing registered DaimlerChrysler Fleet Account in writing (see Fleet Incentive Acknowledgement Form).

Originally posted on Fleet Financials