MOUNT LAUREL, NJ – Automotive Resources International (ARI) has incorporated “green” monitoring and benchmarking capabilities through ARI insights, its Web-based fleet management and reporting system.

ARI insights calculates “green” from a ‘lifecycle’ perspective. The system provides “green” monitoring and reporting by allowing vehicle comparisons and carbon footprint calculations. It also documents all environmental initiatives recommended to and/or accepted by clients and includes an environmental resource database containing manufacturer information, government ratings, and alternative-fuel information.

The ARI EnviroFleet team’s ultimate goal is to provide fleet operations with help quantifying and promoting their contribution to corporate “green” mandates. This is a continuation of efforts since ARI announced its affiliation with the Smartway Transport Partnership late in 2007.

“Through best-practices tools and the latest technology, we can deliver strategies for vehicle right-sizing, spec’ing/selecting vehicles by work application, telematics-based route efficiency planning, and tracking emission reductions and savings, all of which helps fleet managers put vehicles on the road that are both environmentally and fiscally responsible.” said Jim Creighton, vice president of Global Strategic Consulting and founder of the EnviroFleet program.