TORRANCE, CA - American Honda has indicated that after years of pushing back deadlines and revising product strategy the next generation Acura NSX will arrive in 2010, according to the Web site

President and CEO of America Honda, Tetsuo Iwamura, said recently that Honda is “developing it without any delay, so most probably we will have it in the period we already promised.”

That “period” has shifted dramatically over the last few years, with Honda delaying a planned 2008-2009 launch of the car several times. Everything from a weak reaction to the Acura Sports Car Concept, to the stalled launch of the Acura brand in Japan has contributed to the NSX no-show.

In more positive news, the 2010 launch date may be an indication that the NSX will see American shores before it is released in Japan. Iwamura tantalized Acura fans by saying that thought the introduction order hasn’t been decided on; the U.S. “has a majority of the (Acura) customers – that (is something) you have to think about.”