BLOOMINGTON, IL – State Farm Insurance Companies has been ranked as having the third-largest non-governmental, alternative-fuel commercial fleet in the United States by Automotive Fleet magazine.

“State Farm is honored to be recognized as the largest auto insurer in Automotive Fleet’s Top 100 Alternative-Fuel Fleets in the United States list,” said State Farm Fleet Administrator Dick Malcom. “Greening our fleet is something we have taken very seriously. We hope our environment-friendly actions will encourage other corporations to follow in our footsteps.”

State Farm has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 38.7 percent since 2002, according to Mike Jones, vice president of Administrative Services. “Our buildings have an average Energy Star efficiency rating of 76, which means they are more efficient than 76 percent of comparable buildings. Our recycling program is 25 years old and last year alone we recycled or reused more than 900 tons of materials. State Farm has also implemented an electronic billing and claims payment system which saves literally tons of paper each year.”

Known nationally as a leading publication on commercial fleet operations, Automotive Fleet Magazine recently surveyed and ranked the top 100 groups in America that have invested in fleet vehicles to help reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.

State Farm has been replacing other models with biodiesel, hybrid-electric, and flex-fuel vehicles since 2004. The fleet includes 3,166 eco-friendly vehicles and is adding more each year. Through conservation strategies including the use of these eco-friendly cars, State Farm fleet operations eliminated 287 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2006.