PALM SPRINGS, CA – DiMora Motorcar has unveiled a bold plan to bring the Motor City back to its heyday in the auto manufacturing business.

Company Founder and CEO Alfred J. DiMora, who some have dubbed "the new Iacocca", is the visionary behind the movement. He explains, "Detroit is in trouble. The U.S. car industry is in trouble. Our environment is in trouble. These are things that can be saved."

U.S. automakers have lost large swaths of the global and domestic markets to foreign competitors over the last 30 years with experts citing a product line lacking in diversity. Alfred DiMora is answering the distress calls with a new paradigm for production.

His mission? Simple. Reintroduce a time-tested industry mantra: American innovation. Marrying the technological triumphs of Silicon Valley with the still beating heart of the American automotive industry, DiMora is bridging worlds to create what truly will be known as "The New Detroit", rethinking the way we look at cars from bumper to bumper.

DiMora Motorcar is currently developing the first eco-friendly, hand-built, $2 million production automobile. The Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, their premier creation, will be the world's most luxurious, expensive, and technologically-advanced vehicle.

"The Natalia establishes a new class of luxury automobiles," says American Idol Producer, Ron De Shay. "Unrivaled, it's simply in a league all its own."

Wish you were along for the ride? DiMora Motorcar recently announced an unprecedented opportunity for potential corporate sponsors and technology partners. The company is presently recruiting participants to collaborate in the vehicle's ongoing design and development. For participation information visit