SOUTHFIELD, Mich. --- Do you think you can name the leading driving mistakes that cause crashes? According to statistics from GMAC Insurance, they are the following: 1. Multi-tasking while driving --- Remind your fleet drivers that when they turn the car on, they need to turn all their gadgets off. 2. Following too closely --- Drivers need to leave a two-second cushion between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead. 3. Failure to yield on a left-hand turn --- Drivers need to remember to "check the flow before you go" and to check the street that they're turning into to make sure there are no vehicles or pedestrians in their path. 4. Incorrect merging --- Accidents often occur when someone is stuck behind a driver who interprets yield as stop. Ramps should be used as a means for merging into traffic. 5. Backing up --- Drivers need to look over their shoulder because mirrors have a margin of error.